About Us

B&D International is a family owned business, founded in 1994, that has its main activity shirts manufacture for men and women. We are not only a shirts producing factory but also an all in one product manufacturer that brings your idea to life: from Design Development, through pattern making and until the ready-made shirt production. Since its foundation in 1994, the family owned business developed on the basis of clients and market requirements.

BD International

Our Mission

We wish to offer our clients remarkable, inspirational and impeccable products; For us, the quality of our shirts is our business card; Because time is a luxury nowadays, we are focused on finding flexible and quick solutions for any situation.

Why Work with Us

  • •  We have 120 employees
  • •  Production Capacity of 800-900 shirts/day
  • •  We develop new patterns/models
  • •  Social Sustainability for our employees
  • •  Account Managers fluent in English/French